Why You Want To Get Bumped From Your Flight

Former 5 Eyewitness News reporter Mark Albert is now the Editor-in-Chief of The Voyage Report. He stopped by the studio to tell us why you WANT to get bumped from your next flight.

Mark shared three ways to help your chances of getting bumped from your flight and what you should do if you do:

  • Volunteer to get bumped – tell the gate agent one hour before the flight that you are willing to get bumped from your flight
  • Don’t check bags – having no checked bags makes you more appealing to get bumped
  • Negotiate everything – Mark has received an upgrade to First Class after getting bumped from a flight. You can also negotiate voucers, meals, gift cards and more. Make sure you do all of your negotiation before giving up your seat.

Mark also shared ways to lesson your chances of getting bumped from your flight:

  • Check in early – make sure you are checked in for your flight before arriving at the airport. Your check-in time might factor in to a decision to get bumped
  • Pick a seat – having an assigned seat chosen before you get to the gate can also lessen your chances.
  • Join frequent flier programs – being a member of an airline’s loyalty program can help you keep your seat

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