Visiting the Bell Museum

The Bell Museum is a brand new state of the art, beautiful building in Saint Paul. The museum is Minnesota’s official natural history museum. The new location opened in July and it offers all sorts of new things for guests. It has a digital planetarium, all sorts of hands on exhibits, outdoor learning spaces and more. Emily Engberg visited the museum for the first time and says it’s perfect for families. She says it’s fun, interactive and fascinating. Whether you’re a history lover, intrigued by bugs or you just want to learn about earth, there’s something for everyone. The museum is part of the University of Minnesota. The entire facility is about 92,000 square feet. It cost roughly $79 million. In addition to the permanent exhibits, there are also new things to check out periodically. Even if you’ve already been, there are so many things to see or catch your eye a second time. In fact, many of first visitors who came on opening day have been back. To learn more about the Bell Museum and what it offers, click here.

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