Evan’s Journey with LearningRx

Amy Moore isn’t just mom to her son Evan, she’s also a cognitive psychologist for LearningRx.  That means she studies thinking and learning instead of feelings.  She trusted the process of LearningRx but couldn’t wait to see the magic happen for her son, Evan.

When Evan was in 4th grade, he couldn’t even spell his name correctly.  It was hard for him to focus and learn those types of things.  After joining LearningRx, he qualified for gifted and talented language arts by 7th grade and then at the end of 8th grade tested into college level English.  Now, he’s a sophomore in high school AND in college.  He will have his Associates degree and his high school diploma in December of his Senior year…and his bachelors by the time he’s 19.

To learn more about the LearningRx program or to schedule an assessment call 952-949-6900 and mention Twin Cities Live to get an initial assessment for $75.

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