4/28 Movie Trip

It’s upon us – Prom Season! TCL movie guy Paul McGuire Grimes has recommendations for three movies based around prom!


I don’t think I could ever live in a town that bans dancing. That’s exactly what happens when Ren McCormack’s family moves from Chicago to the small conservative town of Bomont. He’s the dreamy new kid at the local high school whom the girls fawn over and the guys instantly become jealous of due to Ren’s good looks. Bomont’s local preacher becomes leery of Ren and his big city ways and grows even more suspicious when his daughter becomes smitten with him. Ren finds out from one of his new friends that dancing has been outlawed in the city. Years ago some high school kids died in a car accident, and they believe dancing leads to drinking and all sorts of rebellious activity. Ren can’t believe the lack of dancing and takes his friends across the city border for a night of country dancing which absolutely floors the preacher. Ren’s love of dance drives him to take further action. He meets the city council fully prepared with Bible versus in order for them to reverse the city ordinance banning dancing. As part of that, he wants to have a prom to showcase the innocence, fun, and good nature that can come from dancing and prove it’s not the work of evil spirits harming the town’s teenagers.


Cameron James is new to Padua High School, and during is first day tour, it becomes love at first sight with Bianca Stratford. His tour guide quickly shuts down that potential idea as the Stratford sisters are forbidden from dating until they graduate. Bianca’s older sister, Katherine, is a senior at the school and is extremely disliked as she is described as tempestuous and a shrew. Bianca is desperate to be seen as popular but feels Katherine gets in the way of her image. Their father has forbidden her from going out on a date until Katherine receives a date, which essentially equates to no one dating in the family. Cameron’s ultimate goal is to take Bianca to the prom. He is not one to back down from a challenge and sets a scheme in motion to have someone win over Katherine. He turns to resident bad boy Patrick Verona and pays him to take out Katherine. As Patrick and Katherine get to know each other, they both see passed the stereotypes and reputations that have been placed on them by the other high school kids.

CARRIE (1976)

If ever there was a movie to showcase the worst kind of experience you could have at prom, it would be Carrie. Sissy Spacek stars as the title character who is a small, fragile, and meek high school girl who is mercilessly teased by everyone else at school. The popular cheerleader girls mock her and laugh in her face. Even a majority of teachers and administrators have it out for her, except for the gym teacher. To top it off she lives a very isolated life under the rule of her mother, Margaret, who is an extreme religious zealot. She often lashes out and screams Bible verses at Carrie before locking her in a closet. Carrie’s anger and frustrations at her opposition triggers her telekinetic powers when she is pushed to her breaking point. A horrible accident in the gym locker room will forever change her life. Her awful classmates are served detention and their attendance at prom is now in jeopardy after their horrible treatment toward Carrie. They vow to get revenge on her in the worst way. They convince popular guy Tommy to invite her to the prom where they will rig the results to have them win prom king and queen. Carrie is suspicious of the newfound attention but goes along with it just to feel normal. Even though her mother tried to warn her, it all comes crashing down on her in the most horrific sense.

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