Body Dysmorphic Disorder

There are 17.5 million cosmetic procedures done per year in the US. But there’s a new trend where people are looking for “Snapchat-like” features, including widening of eyes and sharpening of noses. It’s a form of “body dysmorphia” and Dr. Archelle Georgiou stopped by to talk more about the condition. Body dysmorphic disorder symptoms include being preoccupied with appearance, repetitive behavior and soocial distress. Dangers of BDD include anxiety and depression, forgetting what you look like and pursuing treatments with side effects. If you want to screen yourself for BDD, you can take a quiz here. If you do want to pursue plastic surgery, Dr. Archelle recommends that you look at photos of yourself from 5-10 years ago to see what specifically you want to address. That inckludes wrinkles, sagging and creases. You should have realistic expectations of what treatments like Botox® and fillers can actually accomplish. If interested in plastic surgery, please consult a professional.

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