8/10 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, is here to tell us about two movies you may want to see in theaters as well as a home release.

CHRISTOPHER ROBIN (theatrical release)

Disney’s newest movie adaptation of A.A. Milne’s classic characters imagines Christopher Robin all grown up. Long gone are the days where he played in the Hundred Acre Wood with his pals Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, and the rest of the gang. Ewan McGregor plays the adult Christopher who is a World War II soldier, husband, father, and businessman. He works for a suitcase company that’s struggling to stay afloat. He feels so much pressure at work that he tends to neglect his family. His family goes on holiday for the weekend leaving him home alone in his sorrows. Back in the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh is out for a stroll and can’t find his friends. He stumbles upon Christopher Robin’s old tree, walks through the door, and finds himself in London in Christopher’s yard. Their reunion together on a bench is just what Christopher needs to slow down and gain a more positive outlook on life.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? An endearing movie for the whole family

THE MEG (theatrical release)

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Jason Statham is here with a BIG warning. In The Meg, he plays Jonas Taylor who vowed to never go back under water after a deep sea rescue in the Philippine Trench. Five years later, he is called back in for another rescue mission off the Chinese coast by the Mana One research station. His ex-wife and a small team of explorers are trapped six miles below the surface. What they experience below is something unexplainable. They are attacked by what they believe is a massive prehistoric shark, known as the Megalodon, that has long been extinct. It could easily bite a whale in half without even trying.

Is It Worth Your Trip to the Movies? Stay home and watch Jaws instead. Spielberg’s classic never gets old.

TULLY (home release)

Charlize Theron gives another stellar performance in Tully. She plays Marlo, who is days away from giving birth to her third child. On top of this, her middle child is having behavioral and developmental issues in kindergarten. Marlo is exhausted, frustrated, and annoyed with the mommy shaming that is hurled at her. Her husband, Drew, works all day, travels for business, and doesn’t quite make family a priority even though she desperately needs help. He’d rather just plug into a video game after a long day. After their baby is born, Marlo’s brother decides to buy them a night nanny to help with the transition of having a newborn. Marlo disapproves at first thinking that she can’t ask for the help she needs. She gives in and allows their new night nanny, Tully, to do her job and is quite impressed with the results. Marlo feels more in control of her life, the kids seem happy, and she’s willing to grow in her marriage to Drew.

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