Backpacks: The Perfect Fit for Kids

The kids are headed back to school in less than a month and that means cuteness overload. With new outfits, the perfect first day hairstyle and the giant backpack that hangs down to their ankles – they’ll be very cute. But those backpacks can be very bad for their little backs. Kelli Hanson heads to HealthSource Chiropractic to get a lesson in finding the perfect size backpack for every age.

HealthSource is partnering with the Salvation Army to get not only the right backpacks to kids in our communities, but they also want to fill them with school supplies. From now until the end of August, HealthSource clinics will donate every penny of the $39 cost of its Pain and Performance Package to the Salvation Army’s School Supplies program.
That package includes a chiropractic exam, a body movement assessment, a nutritional consult and a pair of pre-fabricated orthotics. HealthSource has already donated $2,000 to help kick off fundraising for the Salvation Army.

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