Ellegant Wealth

Jayne Ellegard, the creator of Ellegant Wealth, empowers women to show up and own their financial journey with courage, confidence, and wisdom.  She spent 34 years managing wealth for individuals and families and then made the leap to entrepreneurship.  Jayne explains three steps to take right now to take control over your finances.

Get Engaged – change the narrative about becoming financially successful women

Understand Your Money Values & Beliefs – Money intertwines with every aspect of your life, relationships, career, health & wellness, your community

Know Your Numbers – Gaining awareness can propel you forward and help you gain financial confidence

Click here for information on courses that Jayne offers:

Financial Wellness for Women:

  • A “do-it-yourself” version that can be purchased anytime
  • A six week challenge that includes Zoom-time with Jayne and the other women in the course

There is additional information available in the Signature Offerings tab here.  For speaking engagements, click here.


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