Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light

A Minnesota teacher and mom has invented a product that is helping kids and families all over the country. It’s called Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light. It has a soft glowing light that is on a timer. The idea is that the product helps manage time for kids. It gives a passive signal that time is up. It can be set seven different ways. It can be used for as little as one minute up to thirty minutes. Different colors represent the different times.

The product was invented by Claiborne Day. Even though she’s a teacher, she has a background in International Business. She contacted some friends who are in manufacturing and the rest is history.

Getting Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light on the market took about five years, but it’s time well spent. Claiborne was looking for something to help her daughter stay on task. When she couldn’t find anything, she decided to come up with her own. She also uses it in her classrooms. It’s less distracting for students because there’s no buzzer. It’s also great for adults who want a night light. She’s even heard of it being used for patients who are getting visitors and don’t feel well enough for guests to be there for long periods of time. The timer works as a friendly reminder that it’s time to rest.

Claiborne calls herself a go-getter and a doer. She never planned on developing a product, but says it’s been rewarding seeing how it has helped families for all sorts of reasons. One of the neatest things is to see her daughter, Alice, enjoy it, too. Alice’s picture is even on the product’s packaging.

Soft Glow Silent Timer & Light is $19.99 and can be purchased on Amazon.

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