Stretches To Fight “Fair Fatigue”

Nancy Stoneberg shared a few stretches to do before setting out for a day of walking at the Minnesota State Fair!

1. Head, Neck and Shoulder Stretch – Chin down, left ear to shoulder, right ear to shoulder, front angle pocket, right side, left side. 2. Bent Over Cat/Cow Stretch – While standing, bend over, place your hands on your thighs. Press your spine to the sky hold for 3 seconds then arch your back in the opposite direction for a 3 second hold. 3: Upper Back Squeeze – While standing, squeeze you shoulder blades together, hole for 3 seconds then roll you shoulders forward for a three second hold. 4. Heel/Toe Raise – While standing, raise your heels off the ground, then your toes, almost as if you’re rocking back and forth. Perform 10x.
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