Tips for Accessing the Hidden Job Market

There are currently 16 workers for every ten available jobs in the United States.  Ken Coleman is America’s Career Coach, the bestselling author of The Proximity Principle, and host of the nationally syndicated radio show, The Ken Coleman Show.  Ken shares with us three practical tips to accessing the hidden job market.

  1. Get clear about your career.
    1. This is crucial. Know your career sweet spot—that is where your talent, passion and mission intersect.
    2. Have an elevator pitch ready if an opportunity presents itself. You never know when your paths will cross with someone who has the right connections!
    3. Clarity breads confidence! Be able to communicate what you want to do know the specific value you bring.
  1. Prepare for the job you want- not the job you see. 
    1. This is all about researching jobs and companies you’d like to work for but may not have specific jobs posted online.
    2. Make a list of people you know who are connected to them and who would know what is going on inside the company.
    3. As many as 50% of all jobs are never publicly posted. Most times it’s because employers would rather go to someone they know or have a connection with to fill the position quickly. Posting online would actually complicate the hiring process unnecessarily. Why hire a complete stranger when a friend can make a recommendation?
  1. Build real relationships
    1. No one likes a value vampire! That’s someone who is only there for what they can get out of you.
    2. Use casual zoom chats and interviews to volunteer to help other people to create value. It’s ok to work a little for free if it means you get to showcase your skills!
    3. Stop just networking and get within proximity of people connected to potential jobs. When you’re in the right places and around the right people- opportunity comes to you.
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