Senia’s State Fair Fixes

When you come out to the State Fair you’re going to do two things.1 – Eat a lot, and 2 – walk until you drop. You’ll be tired and full, but Holistic Health expert and owner of Healing InSight in Saint Paul has two tricks that’ll have you feeling more like yourself in no time. Senia Mae stopped by our building out at the Minnesota State Fair to help fairgoers feel more like themselves in no time!

Senia says if you’ve got stomach upset while you’re out at the fair, try pressing on a specific acupressure point. The Pericardium 6 is the most common point and is located three fingers up from your wrist crease between the two tendons. Senia says pressing this acupressure point for 2 minutes could help relive nausea. If you have back pain while out walking the fairgrounds, Senia says try the Large Intestine 10 acupressure point. It’s located three fingers down from your elbow crease on the forearm muscle. Press with your thumb for three minutes while stretching your back.

If you eat too many cheese curds or down too many brews out at the Fair, Senia says there are foods at the fairgrounds that help ease you tummy troubles. She suggests the Mediterranean Lemonade from Holy Land Deli, located in the International Bazaar. The Mint acts as a digestive aid and the lemon will help break down fat.
She also suggest stopping by the apple booth from Minnesota Apples, located in the Agricultural Horticultural building. Apples can help aid in digestion a full stomach.

When you get home from the fair, Senia says take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar and take a heavy dose of probiotics. This will help your digestion get back on track. Also, a morning smoothie the day after your visit to the fair will aid in getting your stomach back in working order.

Senia’s Morning After Fair Smoothie
1 cup kale
2 stalks celery
1/3 cucumber
1/2 banana
1 cup berries
1 small piece fresh turmeric (optional)
1 Tbsp melted coconut oil
2 scoops protein powder
2 cups water
Blend and enjoy!

If you need a digestive reset or pain relief after the Fair, call by Monday September 10 and get $100 off a 3-Session Introductory Acupuncture Package. Book online at and use promo code CORNDOG.

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