Summer Isn’t Over Yet Products

Labor Day is always that turn in seasons for most Minnesotans. The kids head back to school and the weather starts to cool down, but technically, there’s still some summer to be had. In fact, fall doesn’t arrive until September 22nd.

That being said, even with the cool temps, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors before that first snowfall hits. Emily Engberg has some fun products that will keep you having fun.

1. Ramp Shot
This game is pegged as “cornhole on steroids”. It can be played at tailgating, outdoors on a beach, in a gym or in the yard. The goal is to hit 15 points exactly. A score with more than 15 doesn’t count and will end that players turn. A playmaker catches a ball that bounces off the ramp, shot by their teammate (one point). The shooter tosses the ball directly into the goal (for 3 points). If the stealer catches a ball thrown by the opposing team, after it bounces, the stealer is awarded with an extra shot in that round.

Use “TCL10” and get $10 off your purchase of RampShot or RampShot Plus through the end of September.

2. Wowmazing by South Beach Bubbles
Wowmazing makes some pretty impressive bubbles. It uses a special kit that will sure to keep your kiddos entertained. If they like old school bubbles, this will be even more fun when they see how big the bubbles can get.

Use “TCL20” and get 20% off when you buy the WOWmazing wands now through the end of September.

3. Tapplock One
Tapplock is known as the “World’s First Smart Fingerprint padlock”. It uses a fingerprint, Bluetooth or your phone with morse code to open. It holds up to 500 fingerprints and it’s super fast. It’s also water resistant and once its charged, it lasts for months and months.

4. Chill Chest
The chill chest cools items without ice. The more cool items you have in the chest, the cooler it stays. It also keeps warm items warm. It’s also easy to store because it unfolds to become smaller.

5. Atomic Beam Lantern
This lantern pulls up and becomes a bright light. It uses batteries and it is perfect for camping, power outages and dark spaces. Emily has used hers for years and still loves it.

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