Super Saver: 4 Instant Ways To Save

From shopping the sale rack at Target to buying generic, we’re all looking for easy ways to cut costs. TCL Super Saver, Kelli Hanson, found 4 ways to cut costs today that could save you hundreds!

Here are her money saving suggestions…

1. Cancel Memberships
If you’re using a membership less than once a week, you’re throwing away money! This is especially true when it comes to a Gym Membership. Instead try ClassPass – an app that gives you access to hundreds of fitness classes in your area. Memberships range from $35 to $100 dollars a month, depending on how many classes you attend each month. Each class is worth around 6 credits, the more credits, the more expensive your membership. But sign up right now for a free 2-week membership plus 30 credits, which can get you into 4-6 classes! The app also lets you stream workouts if you can’t get into a class. Travel a lot? You can use your ClassPass all over the country!

You can also download apps that offer FREE workouts!

2. Reduce or Eliminate Your Cable Bill
You could downgrade from premium to basic cable or just cut the cord. There are several streaming services available that offer hundreds of channels, including network tv and Sports channels. Hulu Live TV and YouTube TV costs around $40.00 a month, there’s no cable box and no contract. You can also record shows to watch later!

3. Cancel Magazine Subscriptions
A lot of us check the free magazine subscription box when signing up for something else and then a year later get stuck with the unwanted bill. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you have access to hundreds of magazines on Prime Reading.

Don’t have a Kindle? Just download the Kindle app on your smartphone and sign into your Amazon account.

4. If you’re a Senior, Own it!
Take advantage of your age and the Senior Discount.
Check out the 100+ retailers that offer a senior discount.
They may ask for an AARP card, which you can get starting at age 50!

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