Sleep Sherpa

If you spend much time online, you might be noticing more and more mattress advertisements popping up. Most have pretty pictures and convincing online videos that make the whole process look easy. Not to mention, most mattresses that sold online come with great deals. A win-win, right? Well, there’s one catch. You can’t test it out until it’s in your house. And that is a risk that some potential buyers aren’t willing to take on. Enter “The Sleep Sherpa.” What started as a blog has morphed into a brick and mortar in Edina. And the concept is quite groundbreaking. Ben Trapskin is the man behind the Sleep Sherpa. He decided to open a warehouse that allows those online shoppers, who are in search of a good deal on a great mattress, a space to come in and test out those online exclusive brands. Then, after testing out to their hearts content, they can purchase through the Sleep Sherpa, getting the same great deal they’d get online, just with the added bonus of peace of mind. If you want to learn more about the mattresses available through the Sleep Sherpa, you can find info, including the address of the brick and mortar business in Edina by clicking here.

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