Da Bomb Bath Fizzers – Isabel and Caroline

Isabel and Caroline Bercaw started making bath bombs in their parent’s Minnesota based home and now are co-founders of the multi-million dollar company Da Bomb Bath Fizzers. They stopped by the TCL studio to show us how to make one of their classic bath fizzers.

Bath Fizzer:

Baking soda Citric acid Corn starch Sweet almond oil Liquid pigment Fragrance Confetti sprinkles Bath bomb mold


+Mix dry ingredients – baking soda, citric acid, corn starch (blend through hands) +Combine wet ingredients – sweet almond oil, liquid pigment and fragrance +Combine dry and wet ingredients (combine with “handwashing” motion) +Once the pigment is distibuted throughout “batter” it is ready to be placed in the bath bomb mold +Bath bomb molds can be found on online through simply searching “bath bomb molds” +Prior to putting batter in the mold, place a layer of sprinkles +Once the mold is filled to the top, place cover on the top +It will take 1-2 days for them to dry before you can use them

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