Coffee with Cool People: Steve Schussler

Steve Schussler may not be a name you know, but there’s a good chance you know one of the projects he has been a part of. Steve is responsible for coming up with the Rainforest Café. Steve and his team create all sorts of unique restaurants, retail stores and venues.

Steve says his entrepreneurial spirit dates all the way back to when he had a paper route at just nine years old. He says he had more than a dozen jobs before his sixteenth birthday. To this day, Steve is coming up with new ideas and concepts that people all over the country get to enjoy.

Steve is also a national bestselling author for his book, “It’s a Jungle In There, Inspiring Lessons, Hard Won Insights, and Other Acts of Entrepreneurial Daring.”

Despite his success, Steve says he’s had a lot of failure. He says you have to fail to succeed. That’s his biggest message for young adults. You have to fail.

Steve has all sorts of new projects in the works. To learn more about Steve and his team, click here.

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