Taking Care of Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are easy to take care and add a pop up color to your garden for the entire summer. Ryan McEnaney from Bailey Nurseries shares the hydrangea brand that thrives in Minnesota along with tips on how to take care of them.

Recommended brand of hydrangea that thrives in Minnesota: Endless Summer Bloomstruck Hydrangea

Advice on taking care of them:

  • Do NOT prune them in the fall or spring. Instead, wait until you see green leafy growth in the late winter or early spring and only cut off what is dead. Once summer hits, you can deadhead to encourage regrowth.
  • Hydrangeas list morning sun and afternoon shade. Avoid a fully shaded spot. And make sure your soil is prepped. They don’t survive well with too much sand or clay.
  • Hydrangeas like water, but not too much. Give them a good soak every couple days versus a sprinkling every day. Note that afternoon wilt is natural. To determine if they need water, stick a finger in the dirt. If it’s dry, soak it.

Need reminders on taking care of your garden? Bailey Nurseries has a text alert system that will give you garden care reminders. To join, text ENDLESS SUMMER to 73095.

Bailey Nurseries is a wholesale supplier, meaning their products are sold at retailers around the Twin Cities, including Bachman’s, Gertens, Wagners and Otten Bros.

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