Apple Crafts with Alexis Thompson

Our crafty friend, Alexis Thompson from MyTalk 107.1, stopped by the TCL studio to share some fun apple themed crafts.

Try it yourself!

Apple Pinch Pots


Air dry clay

Acrylic paint or paint markers

Paint brush or sponge


Knead the air dry clay and roll into a ball

Push your thumbs into the middle and start to form a bowl shape

Pinch in two sides across from each other to form the apple shape

Make a stem and a leaf

Use a knife to make little hashtag marks on the side of the bowl and the back of the stem and leaf piece so they will attached together better

Allow to dry

Use acrylic paint/paint markers to add apple details

Apple Stamping



Acrylic Pant

Stamping Surface


Cut apple in half

Use a paper towel to absorb juice before adding paint

Use a fork to stamp it onto a piece of paper or cut two pieces out of the back of the apple to create a handle

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