TCL in Your Town Hastings: This Old Horse

It’s TCL in Your Town Week, celebrating the beautiful river town of Hastings! Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson recently found a hidden gem. A place that horses call home, many of which are blind or arrived malnourished.

If you’ve taken a drive down Highway 52 through Hastings, you may have noticed horses grazing in a large pasture. That is Wishbone Ranch and it’s home to This Old Horse – a sanctuary for horses to live out the rest of the lives.
It’s funded 100% with donations and has a steady crop of volunteers who help tend the horses daily. But they’re always looking for more! Kelli takes us to This Old Horse and finds out why volunteers who had never had an interest in horses, now call this a labor of love.

Learn more about This Old Horse and apply to volunteer here.

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