DIY Mason Jars for Mother’s Day

Often times, mothers ask for a homemade gift and a nice card for Mother’s Day. This simple and thoughtful DIY craft fulfills both of Mom’s requests. Alisun Abbott explains what you need.

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Mason Jar with two-piece lid
  • Thick ribbon
  • Scissors

Here are some additional supplies you may use to embellish and personalize the DIY mason jar tote:

  • Fresh-cut flowers
  • Seed packets
  • Twine
  • Potted herbs
  • Photo copies of old photos
  • Tea-bags or small chocolates
  • Doggie or cat treats
  • Gift cards

Step One:
Cut approximately 12 inches of ribbon. You do not need to cut an exact measurement as you will be able to cut-off extra ribbon or accommodate for too short of ribbon.

Step Two:
Fold the ribbon in half to make a loop. With one hand, place the ends of the ribbon on both sides of the opening of the mason jar.

Step Three:
With your other free hand, guide the open-ring-lid over the ribbon and twist the lid to secure it to the top of the mason jar.

Step Four:
Fill the jar with gifts to make your mom (or the lovely, mothering-types in your life) smile!

Here are some personalization ideas:

  • Add fresh-cut flowers and water
  • Add seed packets and twine to the outside of the mason jar
  • Add photo-copies of cherished photographs
  • Add fancy teas and chocolates
  • Add dog or cat treats for the ‘fur mamas’
  • Add small stones and potted plants and herbs
  • Add a gift card
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