Travel Hacks

Twin Cities Live’s Mike Marcotte shares travel hacks, including how you can get free airline tickets by sitting in the backseat of a car.

  • Delta SkyMiles is the rewards program for Delta Airlines. The points never expire, making them worthwhile to collect. A roundtrip flight from MSP to New York City costs about 38,000 miles. If you were to pay cash, it would cost around $500.
  • Connect your Lyft account with your Delta SkyMiles account. You will get one mile for every $1 spent on Lyft in the United States. If you are going to or from any airport, those points double. If you’re new to Lyft, you can sign up online and receive a $20 credit.
  • Delta’s phone app is worth downloading. You can check in via your phone, meaning you can skip lines. Plus, you’re able to change your seat. And Delta will send push notifications when your flight is boarding or if it is delayed. That app is free for Apple and Android devices.
  • Instead of booking one roundway trip, search for one-way fares first. We found the same flight schedule to be more than $40 cheaper when purchasing two one way tickets vs. one roundtrip ticket. It boils down to convienence.
  • Take the earliest flight possible. As the day progresses, delays can stack up due to air traffic and weather. You have a better shot leaving on time if fly early.
  • Book a flight for when you will be hungry. Many of us do not like to be inconvenienced, meaning flights during meal times tend to have less people and lower costs.
  • If you fly more than twice a year, TSA PreCheck is worth purchasing. The $85 enrollment fee gets you 5 years without having to take off your shoes or taking your laptop out of your bag. PreCheck lines are also considerably shorter.
  • Avoid the security lines at MSP International Airport and check out two “hidden” TSA checkpoints:
    • Checkpoint 10 is between the C and G Concourses. It’s open until 1:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday. It’s for passengers without checked bags.
    • The InterContinental Hotel has a TSA checkpoint as well. It’s open until 7:00 p.m. Checked bags must be dropped off at the main terminal before you go through that checkpoint.

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