Good Company: BA Craftmade Aprons

You ask any trained professional chef out there what their most important tool in the kitchen is and they’ll likely tell you it’s their knives. But the apron, the white one that is usually covered in last night’s menu, is pretty darn important too.
Now chefs and restaurant staff are saying see-ya to that trusty old loop neck apron and showing off their personality.
That’s thanks to this Good Company, BA Craftmade Aprons. Twin Cities Live reporter Kelli Hanson shows us how this one woman show took off overnight to become a business Kate Meier never knew she wanted.

Want to buy a Craftmade Apron for yourself? Check out the online store here.

BA Craftmade Aprons are now available for purchase at Rose & Loon at Roseville Center and also at Lowry Hill Meats.

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