Valentine’s Day Crafts

Jen Appleberry from Appleberry’s Attic Craft Studio is here to show us a fun craft you can make at home this Valentine’s Weekend.  And the best part is…. you probably already have the materials on hand to make these adorable No Sew Gnomes!

Gnome Materials:

  • 2-ish Cups of Rice
  • 1 White Sock (Body)
  • Small Rubber Bands
  • 2 Additional Socks (Pants & Hat)
  • Fur for Beard
  • Diddy’s = Buttons, Flowers, Hearts, Felt, Greenery, etc.

Gnome Instructions: 

* Fill a white sock with 2 or so cups of rice.

* Take a rubber band and tie off the top of the sock to keep the rice in. You don’t want it super full or tight. Leave some room for movement.

* Lay the rice filled sock down flat on the table. Locate the middle of the “body” and as you reach into the sock, grab a chunk or ball of rice and then wrap a rubber band around it. This is the nose of your Gnome.

* To dress your Gnome take the sock that you want as the pants and cut that sock at the heal. Throw away the top half of that sock and used the lower foot portion as his pants. Shimmy those on the bottom half of your Gnome pulling them all the way up his back and under his nose.

* Then take the sock that is his hat do NOT cut this one. Shimmy it down over the top of the Gnome and on top of his nose.

* Holding the base of the sock that is his hat, pull upwards stretching that sock out to flow and lay more like a stocking cap.

* Cut a square of fur, cut a small notch in the middle of that square, then glue it under his nose onto the white body sock.

* Add any extra’s diddy’s or things you would like to decorate your gnome for a season or bring out his personality!

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