Seasonal Swap

It’s finally a safe bet that you can put away all your summer clothes and swap it out with your sweaters, sweatshirts, and boots. Professional organizer, Louise Kurzeka, has some ways that will make this switch a lot more organized.

The mudroom and entry areas – along with the garage – are the two priority spots to work on when changing seasons.

Use a hanging shoe bag. It creates instant shelving in spaces where it might be hard to install shelves and it only takes up 7-10 inches of hanging space. It’s ideal for storing hats, scarves, mittens, etc.

For those wet mittens and hats, affix a magnetic mini curtain rod to the inside face of the garage door. Use drapery rings to clip the wet gear.

Get each family member their own Poppin Combo Storage Box and Seat. This is perfect for storing shoes.

Louise recommends websites like Asana or Evernote for creating your checklists, assigning tasks, and prioritizing.

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