UCare Help With Annual Enrollment

You might have seen a team from UCare tooling around on a special 5-person bike! That’s because they have a whole team of people ready to help you with your healthcare decisions! The team stopped by the studio to show off their sweet ride and talk about the program too!

The folks from UCare provided the following information to help you out! It’s a big year for Medicare in Minnesota! Due to some federal changes, hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans need to choose a new Medicare plan for 2019. And they get to make that decision during the Annual Enrollment Period, which starts Oct. 15 and goes through Dec. 7. It’s a great opportunity to re-evaluate your health needs and your coverage options. The bike represents UCare–we’re not a fancy car or private jet, we’re a local team of individuals working to make Medicare simpler for you, from enrolling to getting care. Our Medicare specialists are going throughout the state to help answer questions at Medicare Meetups, and we’re even holding Enrollment Fairs in our NE Minneapolis office to make it easier for you to enroll. We’re also holding special Medicare Meetups at Fairview and North Memorial locations that highlight our two new partner plans. And, you can set up one-on-one time with our Medicare Specialists to talk about your options and help you enroll. You can sign up for our Medicare Meetups on our website by clicking here. We’ve listened to what you say you want from your health care, and so we have Medicare options for every budget, lifestyle and health need. We’re in every county in Minnesota, and 96% of doctors choose to work with UCare. And, we’re especially excited about two brand-new plans specially designed with Fairview and North Memorial Health. When you get most of your care within a system such as Fairview or North Memorial, it’s easier for all your doctors to work better together, and work closer with UCare, which helps us keep your monthly premiums and copays lower. It’s a pretty sweet system. At Fairview, our focus is towe want make it easy for our health plan members to access great care and we help them get started by offering things like a new member phone call where we find an in-network provider, move medical records and if necessary, even schedule their first appointment. As one of the most accessible healthcare networks in the stateYou’ve got lots of choices of where to go., Fairview and our independent clinic partners offer more than 150 primary clinics and 450 specialty clinics and have more than 40 pharmacies across the Twin Cities. And when it comes to complex care, members of this plan have access to the University of Minnesota Medical Center, which is one of the leading medical centers in the United States. We know that people want peace of mind, great expertise and care, and convenient access. And that is what plan enrollees can expect from Fairview and our partners. For more information about UCare, click here.

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