Halloween Products

Halloween is all about the costumes and of course the candy and décor. Emily Engberg found some fun and interesting products to make your holiday spooktacular at home and while trick or treating with the kids.

1. Lunch Bugs

These sandwich bags will get everyone’s attention. Not only do they hold a sandwich or snacks, they also have a fake bug on the front. It will definitely get a good laugh and reaction.

2. Funny Side Up

This egg mold looks just like a skull. So, making breakfast will be a lot more fun!

3. RunLites

Rechargeable lights fit inside the gloves. Kids and adults can be outside and be seen. It’s perfect for trick or treating in the dark. Cars and people won’t miss you. They come in different sizes and super hero colors, including Super Hero Batty Black, Spidey Red and Volt Blue.

4. Halloween Grab Bag

This bag has a skeleton hand attached. When you grab for candy, it make it more fun. It’s also great for kids to use for trick or treating.

5. Skeleton Mat

This mat is a great way to decorate your front door for Halloween. Guests will think they are stepping into a hole with a skeleton inside.

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