Science Museum of Minnesota: Biomechanics Exhibit

The Science Museum of Minnesota has a new exhibit. It’s called “The Machine Inside: Biomechanics”. The hands on exhibit looks how both plants and animals as machines that are built for survival.

Reporter Emily Engberg got a sneak peek of the exhibit and says it’s fascinating. It’s not just something the kids will be interested in. In fact, Emily says it’s a great way to learn about things we see in our daily lives or have learned about in history. The exhibit gets you thinking about animals, plants and even humans in a whole new way.

The exhibit includes interactive videos, displays and models. You can see a full size replica of Sue from the Field Museum. Sue is the world’s largest and most complex T Rex. It’s a sight to see.

You can also learn how birds can fly, how sting ray can swim and why the body of a cheetah is made to be fast.

“The Machine Inside: Biomechanics” opens at the Science Museum of Minnesota on Friday, October 12th. It runs through January 6, 2019.

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