Health Headlines: Junk Food Causing Cancer, Potential Risks of Aspirin and the Ill Effects of Intermittent Fasting

On Twin Cities Live at Four, we’re going straight to the doctors at Fairview Health Services and North Memorial to dig into the latest Health Headlines. Steve Patterson sits down with Dr. Katie Klingberg from Fairview to chat about the negative effects of junk food and how it could impact more than just increasing your waistline. She explains how too much could increase your risk of cancer. Plus, an aspirin a day is typical for most folks. But Dr. Klingberg suggests that once you hit a certain age, there can be some potential risks that could outweigh the benefits. Plus, intermittent fasting. You’ve probably heard of it before. But Dr. Klingberg weighs in on whether or not it’s a healthy approach to weight loss from a medical perspective.

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