Organize Your Pantry

If you have a goal to get more organized in your kitchen, the pantry is a good place to start.  Jamie Preuss, the creator of So Happy You Liked It, says don’t get too roped into what you see on social media and TV shows with everything being color coded, labeled, and perfectly polished.  Instead, she says do what makes the most sense to you.

Jamie just launched So Happy in the Kitchen that is dedicated to helping you be a more confident and intuitive home cook.  She joins us with some of the basics of pantry organization.

Steps for Organizing Your Pantry
Step 1: Remove Everything
Step 2: Start Sorting
Step 3: How do YOU want to organize?
Step 4: Clean
Step 5: Transfer and label (if you like!)
Step 6: Add everything back!

Items To Consider for Organization:
Glass Jars
Pop-Top Containers
Labels (if you like!)
Use what you have!

Stocking your pantry–
First things first, ask yourself:
What do I like to eat? What does my family like?
What do I like to cook?
What do I always wish I had the ingredients to make?
What SHOULD I be eating?

Jamie’s suggestions to always have on hand in the pantry:

  • Variety of grains and pastas
  • Variety of mixed nuts (raw, salted, roasted, etc.)
  • Canned beans
  • Variety of flours
  • Stocks or Broths
  • Variety of oils and vinegars
  • Your favorite healthy snacks

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