Being a Better Listener

It’s easy to get distracted and not fully engaged in a conversation and you realize that you’ve missed a key point.  Or, you are speaking and you quickly realize that the other person isn’t really paying attention and are more focused on what their next response will be.  Author, professional speaker, and personal coach James Robilotta gives us three ways to become better listeners.

3 Ways to Be a Better Listener

– Ask Better questions

  1. No more small talk
  2. Ask more why and how questions
  3. Think of more questions and less rebuttals

– Listen Vulnerably

  1. What is right vs. being right
  2. Listen like you might be wrong
  3. Strive for curiosity NOT defensiveness

– Make the Decision to Care

  1. Take a second and shift your mindset
  2. When you care you actively listen
  3. Put your phone down, Barb.
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