Mindful Movements

JC Lippold is a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer, Community Engager, Movement Facilitator & Mindfulness Coach.  He shows us some mindful movements to help you be more intentional and present in your workouts.

Within this format we move the body in a way that challenges us to stay observant of our breath throughout a circuit style class that weaves in moments of yogic, functional strength and high intensity styled movements. 

After each of three times through the circuit, we return to mindful, focused breathwork. This ends up being the more challenging portion of class for most people as we rarely train our capacity and awareness of breath…the source and fuel of all movement.

  1. Single Kneeling Ground to Touch
  2. Runner’s Lunge with Rotation
  3. Power Knees
  4. Hand to Heart|Hand to Belly Breathing

Perspectives on movement that are highlighted within this class:

  1. We define mindfulness as the practice of being where you are, with what you have & appreciating that. We move in a way to heighten our awareness on our current capacity and to move with the affirmation that we are always enough.
  2. Brain, Body, Breath. Give yourself time to first THINK about what you are doing. Then, FEEL what you are doing. Lastly, bring your focus to your breath to be PRESENT in what you are doing.


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