Kid Connection: Ampersand Families Celebrates 10-years

For 3 1/2 years, Twin Cities Live has shared stories of hope in our Kid Connection series, introducing us to kids waiting to find a family. But now it’s time to introduce you to a few of the people helping to make that happen.
Twin Cities adoption agency, Ampersand Families, specializes in finding parents for kids ages 10 and older. It’s a unique job, having hard conversations with kids well aware of their situations.

Since 2008, Ampersand Families has helped create 150 permanent relationships for kids in our communities.
And they’re thanking the state of Minnesota for helping them do that. Minnesota is one of very few states that gives state funding to adoption agencies to help find children homes.

To learn more about Ampersand Families click here.

There are a handful of Adoption Agencies in the Twin Cities. Learn more about them and find resources for adopting a school-aged child at

Celebrate Ampersand Families 10th Anniversary at a fundraising event on Friday, October 26th!

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