Movin’ & Groovin’: Healthy Mindset

Feeling Fit is thinking fit.  Psychic and Medium Jodi Livon joins us with tips to help you develop a healthy and positive mindset.

Tip #1:  When you open your eyes in the morning, fill your mind with thoughts and bring you joy.

Tip #2:  Throughout the day, empower yourself by making conscious decisions about what you do and what you think.

Tip #3: Choose a word to focus on for the day such as appreciation.

Tip #4:  Calm your mind by listening to yourself breath and gain access to your intuition.

Tip #5:  Take a midday stretch break

Tip #6:  After exercise and before you finish showering in the morning, turn the water from hot to cold for 2-3 minutes.


Lake Harriet Spiritual Community Zoom Service with Jodi Livon

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