1/22 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, the creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, has a few suggestions to check out this weekend.


Hulu has a quick new binge for you in the British limited series The Sister. Imagine a knock on the door on a cold rainy date. That for Nathan upends his life when Bob, a man from his past, brings out the skeletons in Nathan’s closets in ways he thought were hidden for life. Many years ago Nathan and Bob were involved in the death of a young woman on New Year’s Eve. The victim just happens to be the sister of Nathan’s wife, Elise. What exactly happened that night is the mystery that unfolds.

Short series commitment! 4 episodes roughly 45 minutes each.

You’re forced to pay attention to put the pieces together. The story utilizes many flashbacks to establish the relationships between Nathan and Bob, Nathan and his wife, and what happened the night Elise went missing.

The web of lies, who’s involved, and who knows what continues to grow with each episode making it extremely difficult for Nathan to cover his tracks, get his story correct, and make his way out alive by the end.


COMING SOON to Hulu: Frances McDormand is getting huge Oscar buzz for her film “Nomadland” (February 12) and Andra Day will play Billie Holiday in “The United States vs Billie Holiday” from director Lee Daniels (February 26)


WandaVision (Disney+)

Marvel is going in a new direction to kick off Phase 4. Their latest project is not a massive blockbuster film, but rather WandaVision, a new 30 minute series now streaming on Disney+. Audiences were introduced to Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda Maximoff in Avengers Age of Ultron while Paul Bettany first provided the voice of Vision in Iron Man. Throughout the extensive Infinity Saga, we’ve seen both characters put through the ringer. Now, we’re finding them in a new setting as characters in a sitcom. The first two episodes live within the classic black and white sitcom akin to The Dick Van Dyke Show or Bewitched. Wanda and Vision are newly married and have moved into the cheery suburban life in Westview. They still have their powers but try to keep them hidden from their nosy neighbors, including Kathryn Hahn’s hilarious Agnes. There’s no mention of the Avengers, but as the episodes progress, they start to suspect something is not quite right about their new surroundings.

The dialogue is rich with idioms from the era, including one of Agnes’ lines like “Are you ready to meet Queen Cul-de-Sac and her merry homemakers?” The first episode was even filmed in front of a live studio audience. When we get to the third episode, we’ve now jumped to the technicolor ‘70s with a Brady Bunch style look to the production design and graphics. I don’t want to give anything away, but you’ll get a kick out of the nods to that series.

WandaVision will continue to highlight different decades of television which will offer up a fantastic timeline of costumes and hair to revel in or roll your eyes at. If you’re skeptical at all about having a Marvel series, just know this is the perfect medium given the retro sitcoms it pulls from. It’s lighthearted, quirky, and delivers a fresh new spin for Marvel.


COMING SOON: Disney recently announced 12 new Marvel series including “Loki” (May 2021) and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” (March 2021)



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