Be Well with TCL: Mouth Guard 101 with Dr. Shamblott

A stop at Shamblott Family Dentistry in Hopkins and you’ll find custom mouth guards fit for a Queen. The Hopkins Raspberry Queen that is, and another member of the royal court. Twin Cities Live reporter chatted with Ashley Normandin and Katie Costello about protecting their smiles. The two 17-year-olds aren’t only Royals in the community, they are also hockey players. It’s that reason having a custom mouth guard is important.

Dr. Scott Shamblott stopped by our studio with the finished product and showed us why buying an over the counter guard isn’t the safest option for your pearly whites.

Shamblott Family Dentistry: Halloween Candy Buy Back Program
If your kids get way too much Halloween candy this year and you just want it out of the house, bring it to Shamblott Family Dentistry in Hopkins on Thursday, November 1st and get $1 for every pound. The candy will be donated to Operation Gratitude to make care packages that are sent to our overseas military.
Last year, Shamblott Family Dentistry collected over 1,300 pounds of candy.

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