Selling Your Long-Time Home

According to various studies, the average homeowner lives in their home for about 13 years.  That can make selling it a really big task.  Daniel and Julie Desrochers of Desrochers Realty Group and EXP Realty share some of the things you should focus on to make the most return.

Deferred maintenance 

  • When people have lived in a home for a long time they can tend to overlook maintenance issues that need to be addressed. They just get used to living with them and it becomes not a big deal.

Carpet & Paint

  • One of the easier updates to do and usually the most needed.
  • Carpet tends to wear out and stain over the years or is just dated
  • Paint should be a nice neutral gray/beige or white.


  • The more streamlined a room is the larger it is going to look.
  • Most overlooked areas are storage areas, closets and garages.

Move out and have the house professionally staged  

  • This by far is one of the biggest returns we see.
  • A staged house almost always looks better than a lived in house.

Last but not least – Don’t let emotions get in the way

  • When people have lived in a home for a long time we find they are more emotionally attached to it.
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