Good Company: Jensen’s Foods

It has been a staple in Coon Rapids since 1959. It was started by George and Janice Jensen. Known for its fresh produce, good service and its people, Jensen’s has always been about family values. Jensen’s was run by George for decades before being sold to a new owner. Then, back in 1991, Jensen’s was sold back to the family. It was Jennifer and her business partner, Corbin Washburn, who took over. It has been with the family ever since. Jensen’s is like any grocery store. You’ll find what you need, but you also find something you can replicate. Many families work in the family business. There are brothers that work in the deli. There is a mom and daughter duo on the bakery. Jensen’s is about people. Even some of the best items sold at the store are from Jensen family recipes, including Jennifer’s chicken salad and her mom’s potato salad. Jensen’s also is known for having some of the best friend chicken and bakery items around. Jensen’s has certainly seen its share of change and struggles. As bigger grocers come into town, it’s sometimes hard to compete. However, they know it’s the community that has brought them this far. Jennifer says they keep reinventing themselves without losing those strong work values that her dad instilled in all of them. They are proud of what they are about and her hope is that one day her sons will take over the family business. To learn more about Jensen’s story, catering business and grocery store, click here.

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