Most Dangerous Food for Your Dog

Dr. Erin Bequette from the Animal Emergency and Referral Center stopped by to share the 5 most dangerous foods for dogs.

Most dangerous foods:

5. Bones — they can be sharp and irritating and could cause and obstruction

4. Chocolate — a stimulant

3. Raw yeast bread dough — it can expand and ferment, causing alcohol toxicity

2. Xylitol — it’s not just in gum; keep an eye out for naturally cool clothes which use xylitol. Xylitol causes low blood sugar and liver injury

1. Raisins — a toxic for kidneys

Cats owners should make sure their felines stay away from garlic and onions.

Every pet owner should have the contact information for the Animal Emergency and Referral Center at the ready in case you need to take an urgent trip to the vet. AERC has locations in Oakdale and Saint Paul. They also work with 43 member clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Learn more on their website.

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