Products from Minnesota

There are all sorts of cool products on the market and some of the most interesting ideas come from right here in Minnesota. Emily Engberg highlights three of them.

1. KoveredUp
If you’re a dog lover, you need to check out KoveredUp. KoveredUp has stylish crate covers, collars and leashes, bow ties, coats, bandanas and beds. It’s a perfect spot to shop for your own pooch or for the dog obsessed person in your own life.

2. No Sweat
When you wear a baseball cap, you don’t want to see sweat. So, that’s where NoSweat comes into play. NoSweat is a Minnetonka based company that creates a liner that goes inside the hat and it helps absorb sweat. That means, no odor or stains. Athletes love it because the liner lasts up to two weeks.

3. Super Quick 3rd Hand Cutting Board
This may be the last cutting board you buy. It’s durable and easy to use. It makes cutting easy because of its backguard. You can slice away without a problem. It’s also easy to pour food from it. The best part is that it was developed and made right here in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

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