Health Headlines: Women and Opiod Addiction, Cloudy Days Linked to More Heart Attacks and Chicken Pox Parties

On Twin Cities Live at Four, we go straight to the doctors at Fairview Health Services and North Memorial to dig into the latest Health Headlines. In today’s edition, Elizabeth talks with Dr. Jonathan Snitzer from Fairview abiyt Jamie Lee Curtis’ recent admission that she dealt with an opioid addiction. Dr. Snitzer explains that women are actually more likely to suffer from that type of addiction than men and why talking to your doctor is such an important step to take if you’ve become dependent on any kind of painkiller. Elizabeth and Dr. Snitzer also discuss the recent research linking cloudy, dreary days to increased incidences of heart attacks and Dr. Snitzer warns parents against participating in so-called “Chicken Pox Parties” and instead recommends vaccinations.

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