Holiday Crafts

Grab your scissors and glue, TCL Craft Star Alisun Abbott has some holiday themed crafts you can do this weekend.

Birdseed Wreath

A project to bring cheer and celebration to any yard or special tree.

Items needed

  • Mini bundt pan molds or bundt pan
  • Four cups of birdseed
  • One 27-ounce jar of coconut oil (Oil to Birdseed ratio is roughly 1-to-1)
  • Cooking Spray
  • Fresh or dried cranberries – used as edible decoration
  • Unsalted peanuts or unsalted sunflower seed – used as edible decoration

Step One:    Lightly spray bundt pan with cooking-spray

Step Two:    Place cranberries and peanuts in the bundt pan to create wreath decoration

Step Three:  In a very large bowl, pour-in bird seed

Step Four:    Over low-heat, melt 5 cups of coconut oil

Step Five:     Slowly pour and mix oil into birdseed bowl

Step Six:       Once oil and birdseed is mixed, poor in mixture into bundt pan

Step Seven:  Place bundt pan in a cold space (freezer, refrigerator, porch) to set and chill for 12- 24 hours

Step Eight:    Place a plate on the open side of the pan and gently turnover so the birdseed wreath will come out of the pan and on to the plate. Add bird friendly ribbon or twine to the wreath.

  • If you are using silicon molds instead of the bundt pans, let the warm birdseed and coconut oil mixture cool outdoors or in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Add a stick, or chopstick to the middle of each mold to make an opening similar to a bead. Let molds set and cool for 12-24 hours. Remove the stick, pop the birdseed ornament out of the silicon mold and string with bird save ribbon or twine.


Shrunken Sweater Mittens

A project full of repurpose and coziness!

Items needed

  • One 100% Wool Sweater
  • Sharp Scissors
  • Needle and matching thread as the sweater
  • Pins
  • Paper Grocery Bag
  • Access to washer and dryer

Step One:    If the sweater is not shrunk and is no longer being worn, put it in the washing machine. It helps to add a pair of old jeans that can also be added to the dryer too. The added weight of the jeans helps adds friction to help in the felting process of shrinking the fabric of the sweater and also helps the alignment of the washer and dryer. Best practice is to just wash and dry the sweater and jeans by themselves.

Step Two:     Add the sweater and jeans to the dryer.

Step Three:  Once the sweater is dry, lay it flat and set aside to prep the mitten pattern.

Step Four:    Cut a paper bag down the side to have a large paper surface. Trace the outline of your hand in a mitten shape but add a few inches to create a mitten pattern. Cut-out the mitten shape.

Step Five:      Pin the mitten shape at the bottom of the sweater. Use the band of the sweater to be the band of the mitten. Cut around the mitten, turn the sweater inside outside and hand-stich around the mitten. Use a sewing machine if you have one or enlist the help from a sewing-savvy friend. (Thanks Frannie!)


Natural Wall Hanging

A project inspired by a nature-walk.

Items needed

  • Birch Branch or Something Similar (Eek- I bought mine for $5.00 in the floral section at Cubs foods!)
  • Greens or greenery such as eucalyptus, pine, moss
  • Twine or rope
  • Pinecones and or mini wreaths
  • Wooden beads (optional)
  • Wire (optional if added pine cones)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step One:     Tie a piece of rope to the ends of the wooden branch

Step Two:     Make little bundles that will be wrapped and glued to the rope. I like doing groups of three. For example, two pieces of pine and one sprig of eucalyptus

Step Three:   Remove the leaves or pine needles from a few inches of the bottom of the sprig of greens. This is the area we will place hot glue and then wrap the rope around.

Step Four:     Tie the first dangling rope to the wooden branch

Step Five:      Put hot glue on the end of the nature bundle, where you cleared the pine needles or leaves from.

Step Six:        Start from the top of the tied string and loop string around the end of the bundle and add hot glue as you continue to wrap the rope. The rope will hang behind your first bundle and you can continue adding your nature bundles.

Step Seven:  Once finished with your first hanging rope, add more hanging ropes to add nature bundles too. Add wire to pine cones to create space to add the hot glue to then wrap the rope around. Add wooden beads in-between the nature bundles.

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