Staying Present During the Holidays is Your Greatest Gift

The holidays are fast approaching and you may be feeling more stress than holiday cheer. Rather than getting overwhelmed by your to-do list — give yourself the gift of being more present. Life coach, Barbara Churchill stopped by with ways to change up your holiday routine this season

Take 50% Off
Each year your To Do List gets bigger and bigger and so does your stress level. This year make your list, then cut it in half. We put so much pressure on ourselves to have the “perfect” holiday and we exhaust ourselves trying. If you’re still sending out holiday cards and used to spend hours trying to get the kids to smile and the dog to look at the camera at the right time, why not make a quick video and email it to friends and family? Every smart phone has a camera and a personal video from you will mean so much more.

Change the Dialogue
Many families have that one relative who can create conflict wherever they go. This year instead of dreading dinner conversation, grab a Chat Pack and pre-select some questions that will fit your group. Being prepared makes all the difference.

Rethink Gifts
The majority of holiday stress lies in shopping. Searching for the perfect gift, full parking lots and fighting crowds makes the idea of going to the mall sound worse than a trip to the dentist. More often than not, you spend more than you intended, and research shows that 28% of gifts are returned. Change things up by investing your time and money in gifting an experience or some plain old-fashioned time spent with those on your shopping list.

What Really Matters?
Ask yourself what really matters to you and observe your smile to see what truly brings you joy. In that lies your answer. Being present – no matter what time of year – is about slowing down, noticing your thoughts and deciding in that moment how you want to show up.

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