Children’s Minnesota: “The Dude”

When a child is in the hospital, there’s one thing they have a hard time doing – just being a kid. But Children’s Minnesota is working to change that. 10-years-ago they launched Star Studio, a television studio located right beyond the hospital’s front doors. It’s a studio that’s produced thousands of hours of programming, many hours hosted by Eriq Nelson, also known as “The Dude.”

“The Dude” hosts daily shows, visits kids in their hospital rooms, and invites patients and people in the community to participate. It’s a show that wouldn’t go on without donations people in our community. In this Be Well with TCL, Kelli takes us to Star Studio and doesn’t leave without an appearance with her new friend, “The Dude.”

As a nonprofit, Children’s MN relies on the generosity of people like you to continually design better health care for kids. With your donations they can:
• Support groundbreaking clinical programs specifically designed for kids
• Cover the costs for families who can’t afford medical care for their children
• Pay for important care programs that are not covered by insurance, such as child life, music therapy and social work
• Provide 24/7 access to translators for non-English speaking families
• Fund initiatives that keep kids throughout our community healthy and safe

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