12/7 Rockstar Row

Founded in 2003, Pinky Swear Foundation (formerly known as Miracles of Mitch Foundation) originated after a nine-year-old boy named Mitch passed away from bone- cancer. Just before, he gave away his life-savings to the other kids on his child oncology floor and made a pinky swear promise with his dad that they would always kelp kids with cancer, even after Mitch was gone. Toys from “Stuff the Sleigh” will benefit kids and families affected by cancer. Fast forward to 2018, Pinky Swear Foundation is celebrating 15 years of helping kids with cancer and their families and working every day to continue the amazing legacy started by Mitch. To date, the organization has helped more than 15,500 kids battling cancer and their families across the country.

Help Pinky Swear say “Yes” to more kids with cancer this holiday season. Each month, Pinky Swear receives an average of $100,000+ in requests from families with kids with cancer, who are depending on us for financial assistance. We work hard to distribute the funds to those who need it most, but never have enough to help all families. Each year, another 15,000 children from across the country will be diagnosed with cancer. You can help them be ready when they turn to Pinky Swear for help with basic needs like housing, transportation, and food, or even a fun, family weekend break from the hospital. Click here for more information and to donate.

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Season of “Yes!”
Stuff the Sleigh

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