Entira Family Clinics: Lyme Disease

Dr. Dick Ryan from Entira Family Clinics talks shares tips on how you get tested and what the treatment is like for Lyme Disease.

Tick Chek

Diagnosis can be found a few different ways:

If there is a person who has a classic rash called Erythema Migrans and has been in a situation in which there has been a recent deer tick bite.

Blood testing should be performed in patients who meet all of the following criteria:

•A recent history of having resided in or traveled to an area endemic for Lyme disease

•A risk factor for exposure to ticks

•Symptoms consistent with early disseminated disease or late Lyme disease

What should I do if I see a tick on my body?

?Try to identify the type of tick you might have. Only the Ixodes/deer tick transmits Lyme Disease.

?Was the tick attached? It can’t transmit Lyme Disease by crawling on your skin.

How long was the tick attached?

If attached for less than 72 hours, the chances of Lyme Disease are incredibly small.

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