Holiday Floral Topiaries

Home and Garden expert Larry Pfarr stopped by to show how to use plants to decorate for the holidays and then turn those same decorations into something that will work for the rest of the winter too.

Supplies Needed:
Oasis floral foam cone
Flowers with hard stems such as roses, carnations or mums
Soft stem flowers such as tulips or daffodils will not work
Decorative plate or platter to set finished topiary on
Evergreen boughs, small pine cones, small ornaments
Floral Preservative

How to make it?

1. Soak foam in warm water that has floral preservative added to it.
2. Cut stems of flowers short and insert into foam.
3. On cone shapes, start at the top and work down, completely covering the form with flowers.
4. Add embellishments such as small ornaments or pine cones.
5. Set on decorative plate.
6. Spray with water daily.
7. Keep away from warm drafts and direct sunlight.

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