Stillwater Ice Castles

There’s no better way to embrace the cold, Minnesota winter than by going outside and enjoying it. One of the big attractions this winter is once again the Ice Castles in Stillwater. The structure sits right next to the water in the heart of downtown Stillwater.

The castles light up in the evening, making the displays even more beautiful. It takes lots of time and patience to make the Ice Castles. The Ice Castles are all made by hand. There are thousands of icicles that are made and sculpted together. You’ll notice that there’s also a tint of blue. That’s because the water will absorb other colors, but not blue. So, the thicker the ice, the bluer it tends to be.

People of all ages will enjoy the Ice Castles. In fact, it’s the perfect family outing. Just be prepared with warm clothes and boots. Don’t forget your camera. It’s an awesome spot to get pictures.

Stillwater isn’t the only location where you’ll find Ice Castles. They are also in Colorado, Edmonton, New Hampshire and Winnipeg.

To learn more and to buy tickets, click here.

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