11/13 Movie Trip

Paul McGuire Grimes, the creator of Paul’s Trip to the Movies, got a chance to sit down with the stars of Freaky.  Plus his suggestion for what you should be watching on Netflix.

FREAKY  (in theaters)

Freaky is the latest thrill ride from horror juggernaut Blumhouse Productions. There’s an urban legend floating around the halls of Blissfield High that a serial killer comes out to hunt just in time for the Homecoming dance. Kathryn Newton stars as Millie who becomes the target of the Blissfield Butcher, played by Vince Vaughn. Something strange happens after she is stabbed by his mystical dagger. On the morning of Friday the 13th, she wakes up to find that the two of them have swapped bodies. She’s in the body of a serial killer while he’s now trapped in the body of a high school girl.

Yes, Freaky is essentially a fun mashup of Friday the 13th and Freaky Friday directed by Christopher Landon. It is evident Landon knows his way around the genre. He’s the writer and director of both Happy Death Day movies and wrote three of the  Paranormal Activity movies. Freaky certainly pays homage to its namesake, but also Scream, The Shining and more.

We have seen countless slasher flicks centered around high school kids, yet Freaky is clever, twisted, and a ton of fun. I wouldn’t say its overly scary given the campy Freaky Friday angle, but the kills certainly have no shortage of blood behind them. I can’t wait to add it to my collection.


THE CROWN Season 4 (Netflix, November 15)

The hit Netflix drama about The Royal Family continues to show its strength as it tackles the early 1980s in its fourth season. We see how they and the people of Great Britain were forever changed under the rule of Margaret Thatcher, the country’s first female Prime Minister. At the same time, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are focused on the line of succession at the throne. Their eldest, Prince Charles, is unmarried, and despite the strong feelings he has for the married Camilla Parker-Bowles, he meets the young and innocent Diana Spencer.  Their courtship appears to be the dream fairy tale for the country but plays out differently behind the scenes. Both Diana Spencer and Margaret Thatcher enter high-profile roles and appear to be in way over their heads.

Season 4 wastes no time in its storytelling. It feels like it has more of a constant through line than the first three seasons. The first episode involves the death of a significant character and we launch right into understanding the relationships Margaret Thatcher and Diana Spencer will have on the royals. The first three episodes are focused on them.

Queen Elizabeth takes more of a back seat role until Episode 4, which is one of the series best as its about motherhood and what it means to be a mother when you’re the queen and Prime Minister. It has both women questioning the relationship they have with their children.


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