Homemade Ice Rink: Afton

We Minnesotans love the north and let’s be honest, we love the cold! If you don’t embrace it, you’ll be miserable. And around here, you don’t have to drive far to find an ice rink. In fact, lots of folks are making their own right in their backyard.

Luke Appert and his families live in Afton. About three years ago, Luke decided to make his own hockey rink. He calls his co-workers his mentors because many of them have had their own rinks for years. Luke’s rink is tucked in the woods. So, it has a unique feel and look. At night, he has lights that go on. And during the summer it turns into a batting cage.

Luke says his rink is used about three times a week for three months. It’s a great spot for friends and family to have a little fun.

If you have a unique rink you’d like to show off, you could be featured on Twin Cities Live. We’ll even hook you and your friends up with Caribou Coffee to warm you up while you play. Click here for details

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